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The first breaths, immediately after birth, are important and the fundamental pre-condition for an optimal start in an independent and successful life. With its nCPAP products our company supports the spontaneous breathing of newborns and premature babies. However, we don’t stop here. With our Pediflow® we went one step further and developed the non-invasive respiratory mask for pediatric patients. For an easy and perfect fixation we designed a special headgear which adapts accurately to the baby’s head. It is a single-use product, which is usable in clinics or in home therapy. Nevertheless, in spite of an excellent quality, gentle material and easy usage – the price is very competitive. With our Pediflow® you can take care for pediatrics, still using a medin® product (1), (2), (3), (4), (5).






All medin® systems and products are developed and manufactured in Germany. As in-house development, our products are protected by patents and utility patents. We serve our products to the international market through our distributors. We offer an international approach, which is nationally adaptable with our help.

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